Membership with the Academy offers a forum for collaboration and learning.  Academy membership will enrich your journey toward transformational leadership. Membership benefits provide a broad selection of materials, publications, and events that further enhance leader skill sets, curiosity, and insight for all levels of academia.

The Vision of Membership

The Chair Academy continues to build a community of leaders by bringing its members together around universal leadership themes and trends that inspire engagement and promote positive change.

The Community of Membership

Academy Members are offered exclusive access to a wide variety of benefits, discounts, and resources.  Members are invited to take part in professional development events and networking opportunities, all designed for continued growth on a journey toward transformational leadership.

The Value of Membership

A key ingredient of the Academy is the ability to connect and cultivate a leadership community.  Academy Members recognize this sense of belonging and believe these events to be life-changing experiences at a personal and professional level.

Types of Membership

Lifetime Individual Membership

$100.00 (USD)

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  • • No renewals!
  • • Annual $100.00 International Conference discount
  • • $200.00 Advanced Academy registration discount
  • • Access to Academy blog, What About Leadership?
  • • 25% discount at
  • • Discount on leadership videos at

Institutional Membership

$2,000.00 (USD)

  • • Annual renewal
  • • Silver Sponsorship for Academy Conference (all benefits)
  • • Access to Academy blog, What About Leadership?
  • • 25% discount at
• Discount on leadership videos at

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