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About the Chair Academy

Founded in 1992, the Chair Academy is an internationally recognized organization whose
mission is focused on designing and conducting world-class leadership training and development
programs to advance academic and administrative leadership for post-secondary organizations
world-wide. The Chair Academy is part of the Maricopa County Community College District, and
is located in Mesa, Arizona. The Chair Academy has a rich history of providing outstanding,
innovative, and quality programs in Leadership Development for post-secondary leaders.

The Academy for Leadership and Development - Foundation Program is designed to provide
the skills needed to support current and future leaders at all levels within an organization and to
lead their respective departments and organizations more efectively. The Academy provides a
systems approach to transformational leadership and is dedicated to long-term change. Training
helps participants apply leadership concepts, best-practices, and processes as they relate to
the needs of actual work situations. Training is competency-based, with a situated learning
environment rich with authentic applications and assessments. Training occurs over time with
measured outcomes. Leaders are coached during the Academy by experienced Academy
coaches and are assessed using 360° leadership surveys. Ongoing personal and online
conversations keep leaders connected to each other.

The Academy for Advanced Leadership is the next step in leadership development for veteran
leaders or graduates from the Academy for Leadership and Development Foundation Program. In
addition, Deans, Vice-Presidents, and other organizational leaders who already have on-the-job
experiences and have acquired foundational leadership skills should consider this program. The
Advanced Academy is designed to further enhance leadership skills in your present position, as
well as provide development for those leaders who are aspiring to executive level positions in a
post-secondary organization. The Academy provides an environment for personal and
professional growth by using collaborative dialogue, refective practice, and interactive
experiences to engage leaders in a cooperative search for insights, strengths, passions, and
best practices in exemplary leadership. Leaders are able to network with mentors from their
organization and from their community. Each leader receives on-going support from an Academy
Coach. Online conversations and additional readings are ofered over the 12-month practicum to
further develop and enhance leadership development.

Membership and The Chair Academy Journal Leadership - The Chair Academy ofers Individual
and Institutional Memberships to all post-secondary institutions. The annual Individual ($65) and
Institutional Membership ($550) include a subscription to our juried journal Leadership that is
published two times a year. Benefts of membership include a discounted member rate for the
Annual Chair Academy International Leadership Conference, access to Chair Academy research
on a variety of issues and best practices facing Post-Secondary leaders. Individual copies of the
journal are available as a digital download (PDF or e-reader) on our website. Leadership article
submissions are reviewed by the Managing Editor and the Chair Academy Editorial Board.

To learn more about the Chair Academy programs and services please visit our website at:

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