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Opening General Session

The Opening General Session begins Wednesday, March 29th, at 8:00am in the Caribbean
Ballroom. The Master of Ceremonies, Steve Olson, opens the session, followed by our opening
Keynote Speaker, Ken Steele. We will close the session by honoring our Paul A. Elsner
International Leadership Award honorees Joan McArthur-Blair and Rufus Glasper.

Immediately following the General Session, the frst of our four concurrent session tracks begin.
These 90-minute sessions are open to all participants. Summaries of each session, and the
session location, can be found within this program.

Second General Session

The Second General Session begins Wednesday, March 29th, at 3:30pm. Our second feature
Keynote Speaker, Pat Williams, will discuss his life in leadership. We will close the session by
honoring our Gary L. Filan Excellence in Leadership Award Scholarship recipients.

Third General Session

The Third General Session begins Thursday, March 30th, at 8:00am in the Caribbean Ballroom.
Our featured Keynote Speaker, Margaret Wheatley returns to the Chair Academy Conference, and
will discuss her new book, and her personal leadership journey.

We will close the session by recognizing our 2017 Idahlynn Karre Exemplary Leadership Award

Closing General Session

The Closing General Session begins Thursday, March 30th at 3:30pm. Our closing Keynote
Speaker, Jane Jenkins Herlong, will tie the conference together in her keynote address. We will
fnally honor our Directors Award recipients.

Conference Summit and Breakfast

Bring your conference experience to a close, on Friday, March 31st, from 8:00-9:00am, a hearty
breakfast will be served to all participants. Immediately following will be the Conference Summit.
This forum featuring a panel of leaders will discuss the Future of Leadership, and ofers
opportunities to share or exchange ideas and concepts. It will also provide a place for participants
to continue building on the collegial relationships, and friendships, formed throughout the

Strengths Cafe’

Strengths Strategy invites each Chair Academy Conference participant the opportunity to
experience a complimentary 25-minute Strengths Strategy coaching session.

This coaching experience will help you understand how to increase your energy, performance,
and engagement through the expanded use of your strengths. Don’t miss the opportunity to sign
up for a free 25-minute session.

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