Conference Workshops

This year, the Academy Conference will be offering each participant the ability to choose a skill-building workshop to attend. These workshops are three hours in length, and will be facilitated by some amazing leadership practitioners. Please take some time to peruse the session summaries, and learn about the presenters.

These workshops are included in your registration fee.



Conference Skill-Building Workshops

Monday, May 18, 2020 from 8:00am - 11:00am


Leading Innovation and Advancing Technology
Without Overwhelming Your Team

Location: To be determined

Presented by Linda Meccouri and Randy Singer

Through discussions, exercises and demonstration, in this interactive workshop you will identify key challenges of innovating and adapting to advancing technology in higher education, and explore leadership strategies to create conditions that foster employee engagement and motivation to effectively respond to the challenges.

Topics will include:

  • • Barriers to adopting new technologies and teaching innovation in higher education
  • • Implications of new technologies and innovation on employee morale and engagement
  • • Conditions that support successful adoption of new technologies in the workplace
  • • An example of a high-impact technology/practice for leadership
  • • Leadership approaches to foster innovation and technology adoption

About the Presenters:

Linda Meccouri - Click here for Bio

Randy Singer - Click here for Bio

Customized Student Retention and Success

Location: To be determined

Presented by David Gatewood, Lynda Wallace-Hulecki, and Donna Vassallo

While student retention and success efforts abound at most colleges and universities, the reality is that few institutions achieve optimal outcomes as evidenced by conventional measures of student persistence, retention and completion. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic require institutions to find new ways to effectively support each individual student on their respective path to success.

In this interactive workshop, you will be engaged in guided discussions and thought-provoking activities designed to assist you in: (a) identifying new realities impacting student success; (b) critically examining core concepts, principles, and the foundational capacities for driving meaningful outcomes; and (c) advancing a planful approach for individualizing and customizing the student experience.  

Topics will include:

  • • Debunking common myths about student success
  • • Leadership challenges in achieving meaningful student success outcomes
  • • Tenets of a student success culture
  • • Why one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work
  • • Considerations in customizing the student experience

About the Presenters:

David Gatewood - Click here for Bio

Lynda Wallace-Hulecki - Click here for Bio

Donna Vassallo - Click here for Bio


Investing in Your Well-Being:
A Wise Person Waters Their Own Garden First.

Location: To be determined

Presented by Corey Campbell, Margo Keys, and Bernadette Montoya

Wellness is the complete integration of mind, body and spirit.  As leaders we are called on to bring our best selves to work each day. An intentional approach to our wellbeing is necessary especially with the uncertainty in the world.  In this pre-conference workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore various approaches to well-being through a variety of interactive assessments, self-reflection and discussion.  

Topics will include stress prevention, physical and mental health.  You will leave with an individualized wellness development plan suited just for you.

About the Presenters:

Corey Campbell - Click here for Bio

Margo Keys - Click here for Bio

Bernadette Montoya - Click here for Bio

Trick to Being an Organizational Leader

Location: To be determined

Presented by Judy Korb, Bill Lamb, Pam Mauro, and Mike Poellinger

This workshop will present a variety of strategies for new front line administrators, including chairs, directors, deans, and other organizational leaders. Activities throughout the day will help participants define their role as leaders and share strategies to develop cohesive teams.

Topics will include:

  • • Understanding leadership versus management in organizations
    • Understanding yourself and how you work with others
    • Skills for building teams and working with diverse ecosystems and styles
    • Time management and work best practices
    • Recognizing and handling conflict
    • Adapting to and guiding organizational change
    • Building trusting relationships.

Activities will involve guided small group interaction that will allow time for sharing successful practices as well as applying new methods to real work examples.  Information related to the Academy for Leadership Development will be shared.

About the Presenters:

Judy Korb - Click here for Bio

Bill Lamb - Click here for Bio

Pam Mauro - Click here for Bio

Mike Poellinger - Click here for Bio

Leadership is a Relationship

Location: To be determined

Presented by Valerie Grabove, Ann Krause-Hanson, and Jeffrey Yergler

In their book, “The Leadership Challenge”, researchers Kouzes and Posner believe the fundamentals of leadership have not changed over time, though the context certainly has.  Understanding leadership fundamentals and engaging in practices with ‘heart’ moves leaders to grow themselves and to inspire others to realize their goals and dreams.

In this Session, you will:

  • • Experience an appreciative inquiry approach to leadership development
  • • Learn about leadership theory research
  • • Apply the five exemplary leadership practices
  • • Develop a personal plan/goal for leadership growth
  • • Have fun!

About the Presenters:

Scott Geddis - Click here for Bio

Valerie Grabove - Click here for Bio

Ann Krause-Hanson - Click here for Bio

Jeffrey Yergler - Click here for Bio



Conference Sponsors

Recognizing our Conference Sponsors. Without their contributions we would not be able to bring you the high level speakers, and continue keeping our registration costs at a participant friendly rate.

Special thanks to the Maricopa Community Colleges and to Mesa Community College for all of their amazing support!!