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Clifton Taulbert

“Knowledge is what we know. Our Imagination is what we have yet to discover.”

To arrange your conversation with noted entrepreneur Clifton Taulbert, author of Eight Habits of the Heart and Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored, and human capital consultant, call his office and arrange for a visit that could give your LEADERSHIP TEAM the launch imagined. - (918) 584-0414 - Email Click Here

Mark Taylor

An award winning speaker recognized internationally as an authority on the traits, developmental issues and learning outcomes of today’s young people who is on the forefront of transformations in educational practice.  He helps faculty move to research based instructional practices to improve student learning outcomes, personal development, academic persistence and readiness for the workplace. 

To download articles, including A Manageable Revolution: Flipping the Faculty from the Lecture Model to Research Based Instruction from The Chair Academy's journal LEADERSHIP, or for more information about programs and services, visit, e-mail, or call 501 626-5889

Mesa Chamber of Commerce

League For Innovation in the Community College

Massachusetts Community Colleges

The Chair Academy has partnered with the Massachusetts Community Colleges Executive Office to offer leadership development programs to faculty and staff. The overall focus of the program is to establish a high quality, cost-effective succession, and leadership development program which utilizes a competencies-based approach, grounded in sound theoretical leadership concepts, principles, and practices. Four basic criteria are incorporated in both the design and delivery of all leadership topic areas: active engagement of participants, meaningful and relevant curriculum content that is useful and applicable to learning in the job setting, and measurable development outcomes.

The Department Chair

Call for Articles!

We invite you to submit an article to The Department Chair: A Resource for Academic Administrators. Written for academic administrators across disciplines and institutions, The Department Chair is an award-winning quarterly periodical and a highly popular resource for news, advice, and practical information among college and university department chairs, deans, and other administrators.

Your daily work as a department chair, whether you are new to the role or are a veteran administrator, means that you have much valuable advice to share with your colleagues. We invite you to submit an article on a topic of your choosing, whether that is on surviving your first year, serving as an untentured chair, working with the dean, COVID-19 best practices, leadership and management skills, communication strategies, conflict management, or any other subject that has been a challenging or rewarding experience for you and that you feel would offer practical advice to your peers.

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Britt Andreatta

As an internationally-recognized thought leader in leadership and learning, and former professor and dean for the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Antioch University, Dr. Britt Andreatta brings over 25 years of experience in helping people and organizations rise to their potential. She is an accomplished presenter and keynote speaker, acclaimed for creating experiences that engage, educate and entertain. She is the former CLO for and has received over 10 million views worldwide of her courses on and LinkedIn Learning30-day free trial to LinkedIn Learning 

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